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Friday 14 December 2018
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Opportunities for volunteerism

Quite often small developing states are confronted with fiscal constraints which prohibit the fulfilment of many of the needs of the society. Yet, an audit of the skills existing within the society would seem to suggest that collectively many needs can be fulfilled at no additional cost to the state. The question to be answered is therefore if the existence of skills can be readily transformed to the availability of those skills to be applied where needed.

In this vein we can then determine if Barbados is ready for an organised voluteer system which will allow the majority of our civic minded people to give back to the society.

We inviite you to share your views.


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written by Lorenzo Harewood, June 06, 2011
It is all good and dandy to conceptualize and advocate for a spirit of volunteerism and sharing of skills, which I also fully endorse but what must be recognised in that process is that times have certainly changed. The economic, social and political dynamics which have played a critical role in determining the ease at which persons are able to maximize on any volunteering experience have changed. What becomes even more critical then is the interface provided to attract especially young, technologivcally savvy individuals to showcase their skills. The internet and various other modern apparel have made the transaction costs and presentation styles of many concepts far more favorable than 15 to 20 years ago and if used adequately in 2011 and beyond, it could be a more appealing hub for showcasing skills and helping persons through a more modern medium.

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