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Monday 17 December 2018
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Menissa Rambally
At thirty-two years of age, Menissa Rambally is already referred to as a veteran of St. Lucia and Caribbean politics.

She has been to almost every peak of political endeavour, serving as a Minister of Government, a member of her Party’s Executive Council and a crusading speaker on youth and social issues including labour and gender across the Caribbean.

Menissa Rambally re-wrote the pages of Caribbean history when she was first elected to the St. Lucia Parliament at age of 21. Three years later, she went on to become the youngest person in contemporary Caribbean politics to hold full Ministerial office.

For two years she presided over the number one driving force behind the growth of the St. Lucia economy…the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation. Later she navigated the path of development of the Ministry of Social Transformation, which oversees management of all state run social service entities in St. Lucia, including Local Government, Community Empowerment, National Conservation and Beautification, Non Governmental Organisations and benevolent funds and institutions.

A role model for women and youth, Menissa Rambally believes in equality of reward and opportunity for all.

Menissa has travelled the Caribbean addressing various social and political organisations on issues ranging from social and community affairs; the embrace of youth and women in decision making; tourism and economic development. She has spoken extensively on the impact of poverty and has been a crusader for the concept that “every citizen deserves a dignified quality of life”.

Following her Party’s defeat at the polls in the December 2006 elections in St. Lucia, Menissa works fulltime as a Political Consultant, specialising in Candidate Training and Development.

A devout Christian, Menissa is a graduate of the Caribbean Union College in Trinidad and Tobago and Andrews University in Michigan, USA.