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Friday 14 December 2018
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  • What is a Constituency Council?

    “A Constituency Council is a legally established body of local representatives, who have been appointed and given the authority to voice the concerns of the residents of the Constituency; to maintain links with Central Government and other agencies; and to effectively and efficiently manage resources for the development of the given Constituency”.
  • How many Constituency Councils will be in effect?

    There will be thirty (30) Constituency Councils in accordance with the approved electoral boundaries throughout the country and guided by the supporting legislation.
  • How many selected members are there on a Constituency Councils?

    Each Constituency Council will be comprised of eleven (15) members.
  • What are the characteristics of the persons which the council will be composed of?

    Each Council Member may be appointed:
    • As a representative of a Community Group.
    • As a representative of a Special Interest Group/Sector.
    • As a Nominee of Political Organizations represented in Parliament.
    • As a Nominee of the Minister responsible for Constituency Councils.

    Representation may include but not be limited to the following:

    • Faith Based Organizations
    • Political Parties with representation in the House of Assembly
    • Emergency Management Organizations
    • Youth Organizations
    • Sports Organizations
    • Seniors Clubs/Retired Persons’ Organizations
    • Women’s Organizations
    • Men’s Organizations
    • Recognized Member of the Community
    • Nominees of the Minister responsible for Constituency Councils
  • What are the criteria used for Appointment of Members?

    • Geographic Representation
    • Expertise
    • Gender Balance
    • Number of Youth and Seniors
    • Priority Needs of the Constituency
  • What is the method used to obtain persons who are willing to serve as council members?

    • The Minister invites nominations from Organizations/Groups
    • Representatives for Special Interest Groups/Sectors may submit Nominees for consideration
    • Where a Sector has more than one Nominee, the Minister will appoint one individual to represent the Sector after consultation with all interest groups
    • Political Parties with representation in Parliament will be invited to nominate a representative
    • Where there is a dearth of organizations the Minister will appoint    Representatives based on the stated criteria
  • How long is the Tenure of persons selected on the Constituency Councils?

    The Constituency Councils will be appointed for a period of two (2) years and there will be an option for consideration of renewal of the term of service.
  • What are the characteristics of persons being nominated for selection?

    • Eighteen (18) years or older
    • Considered to be of good character
    • A Citizen or Permanent Resident of Barbados
    • A Resident of the Constituency or associated with the Constituency through his/her work or involvement in a particular organization
    • Competent in a relevant area
    • Not already serving on another Constituency Council
  • What are the Core Functions of Constituency Council?

    • Build relevant data bases on the Constituency.
    • Identify the priority needs of the Constituency.
    • Make recommendations to Central Government for Programmes and Projects for the Constituency.
    • Assist Local Organizations to build capacity.
    • Refer Residents to relevant Government Agencies and the Private Sector for support services.
    • Assist where required in the delivery of designated services.
    • Facilitate the flow of information to and from Central Government.
  • What is the available Financing to the Constituency Councils?

    All financing to the Constituency Councils will be facilitated through the Department of Constituency Empowerment.